Limited Mobility Solutions is your home for news, products, stories and more when you find yourself in a physical pickle! We serve readers with new or temporary physical limitations due to new diagnoses, surgery, pregnancy, injury, aging, and more.Matched Betting for Dummies – Complete Guide

However, there’s an overlap on many things we talk about for those who are chronic and/or lifers. We are all stronger together.

One of the problems with the treatment options we have for temporary or chronic pain, disease, lymphedema and lipedema, etc., is that often the treatments or social stigma cause us great stress and pain in other ways. For instance, we are stared at if we use a motorized scooter or when we wear compression gear, we are anything but comfortable!

This chronic bother, stress, and pain 24/7 can make even the strongest soul break sometimes, so here at LMS we value anything that helps us deal with the curse of a cure (or treatment).

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May the online coupon force be ever in your favor when hunting for products to increase your quality of life while you’re in this physical pickle! We’ve found an easy, free extension called Honey that does just that.