Bombas No Shows Socks Under Compression Hose

bombas socks, no-show, low-cut, socks
Bombas No Shows socks help extend the life of compression hose, as well as increase your comfort.

I’ve finally purchased Bombas No Shows socks because I like wearing socks under my compression garments but was looking for a more comfortable pair. My compression hose are used to treat lymphedema and maintain my lipedema and can be horribly uncomfortable! Socks help, but I’m also sensitive to the seams at the toes of typical socks and I need lightweight pairs.

As of the writing of this post,  if you use this link to Bombas, you get 25% off.

Bombas says:

  • Our hand-linked Invisitoe seam eliminates the annoying bump that runs across the toes of most socks. You won’t feel a thing.

They do have other lightweight socks of different heights, but I use no-show, low-cut socks under my open-toed compression hose for a reason. Namely, I use roll-on adhesive to hold my hose to the top of my foot which prevents the compression hose from sliding back and digging into my ankle. The no-show socks give a peek of skin in which to use the adhesive.

lipedema and lymphedema low-cut, no-show comfort socksI’ve seen women’s socks like these at Payless and possibly Target, as well as on Search this link for similar socks on Amazon. Just be sure they are thin/lightweight materials with a low enough cut that you have room for adhesive. Thin socks with no bulky seams that dig in are important for your comfort when you have compression gear holding them tightly to your skin.

I also find that using socks increase the number of times I can wear my compression hose before washing because I can change out my socks daily to prevent stinky, rotting feet. Sorry for the TMI, but some of us need help in this department! Blame my dad’s stinky foot genetics…I do.


One last thing about Bombas. They say, “Socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, so we donate 1 pair of socks for every pair purchased. From the beginning, the Bombas mission has been to contribute to the homeless community and encourage others to get involved.”

I enjoyed being able to purchase them to help me with my compression garments with the bonus of helping others as well. So again, as of the writing of this post, if you use this link to Bombas, you get 25% off.

Also to note, I recently put a shopping extension on my PC called Honey and used it for the first time with my purchase of Bombas socks. Honey finds coupons to apply to your online purchases. I’m sharing this because as a disabled, single parent, every penny counts! Honey found me a $7.60 coupon in seconds that more than paid for the shipping of what I was ordering.